Endoscope Camera Lens for iPhone
Endoscope Camera Lens for iPhone
Endoscope Camera Lens for iPhone
Endoscope Camera Lens for iPhone
Endoscope Camera Lens for iPhone
Endoscope Camera Lens for iPhone
Endoscope Camera Lens for iPhone

Endoscope Camera Lens for iPhone

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Why do we need an Endoscope Camera for iPhone?

When you are a mechanic, plumber, or just a simple man owning a few appliances or machines or a car. You will need this.

It is a simple task a but very hard one when you are trying to diagnose a problem from your machine or engines.

The thing is it doesn’t always work for iPhone but now it works for iPhone too.

And it can work with your iPad too!

Why buy our Endoscope Camera for iPhone?

Because our product is sourced carefully and works flawlessly with any iPhone model. It can be connected through Wifi because it creates its own connection and this is up to 33 feet long with a  .335 inches camera width. Convenient useful and definitely a savior of money.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) :

  • Can I connect two or more devices to the wifi network?
  • The endoscope wifi cannot connect two or more devices at the same time because the tendency is that two devices sharing a limited signal will only keep the signal of phone dropping and so, therefore, no images or recording will show. It works perfectly however for a single connection. This is a USB cable connection.

  • How can I use this wifi endoscope? Do I need to have a home wifi connection to be able to use this?
  • You do not need to connect to your home wifi connection. The product itself serves as the wifi connection (located in the control switch) that you have to search and connect to in your phone and download the compatible app (see the manual for instructions) to be able to see the camera images, recordings or videos.

  • Is this waterproof?
  • Yes. The endoscope lens can be used down sewers and pipes. It can also tolerate 10-15 minutes of being submerged in water. It is rated IP68.

  • Will this work on Android too?
  • Definitely! The best thing about this endoscope lens aside from being cost-efficient is that it works on different devices as well. It supports Android, IOS, windows, and the likes.

  • Can I adjust the focus for close up items?
  • Actually, the lens will adjust for you. It will focus automatically so wherever your position may be, you’ll still be able to see the image clearly.

  • How can I make the images appear or clearer?
  • You might be thinking the focus is the problem but have you tried adjusting the lights? It comes with 8 adjustable white LED lights to help you see the images as clearly as possible.

    Package Includes:
    (1)8mm LED Borescope Camera wire
    *choice between five types of wire length*

    Save yourself some time and money with this endoscope. You don’t have to trouble yourself anymore with a consultation to the plumber or mechanic.

    Or if you are a mechanic you can make your job much easier with this very handy tool.

    Get yourself an Endoscope camera for iPhone and start saving yourself a lot of resources.